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    The size should be appropriate: The size of the mall's roller shutter door should be determined based on the size of the door opening. With the help of professional measuring tools, ensure that the width, height, thickness and other dimensions of the door are accurate and error free, to ensure that the roller shutter door can fully cover the door opening and operate smoothly after installation.


    Material selection: There are various types of materials for shopping mall roller shutter doors, including metal, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc. Choose appropriate materials according to specific needs, such as metal or stainless steel materials that require high strength and good fire resistance.


    Surface treatment: The surface treatment of shopping mall roller shutter doors is very important, which can not only improve the aesthetics of the door, but also increase its anti-corrosion and weather resistance. Common surface areas



    The processing methods include spraying, electroplating, anodizing, etc. Choose the appropriate surface treatment method according to material and environmental requirements.


    Fire prevention function: The rolling shutter doors in shopping malls need to have fire prevention function in certain specific areas, such as the kitchen and parking lot inside the mall. When customizing roller shutter doors in shopping malls, it is necessary to choose fire-resistant door core materials and fire-resistant door curtains to ensure that they meet the corresponding fire rating requirements.


    Safety accessories: The safety accessories of shopping mall roller shutter doors are an important component to ensure the safety of users. Common safety accessories include motor overheat protection, safety elements to prevent accidental impacts, and locking devices to prevent sliding of rolling shutter doors. When customizing roller shutter doors in shopping malls, it is necessary to choose high-quality safety accessories and ensure their installation is correct and reliable.


    Control system and installation method: Mall roller shutter doors usually need to be equipped with a motor control system to achieve automatic operation of opening and closing doors. When customizing roller shutter doors in shopping malls, it is necessary to choose a reliable control system and choose the appropriate installation method based on the door opening structure and usage environment, such as interior, exterior, and middle decoration.


    With the summary above from Jinan Roller Shutter Door Factory, we hope it can be helpful to our customers. If you have any questions or need help, please click on our website: http://www.todaydocs.com Or call to inquire, we will do our best to solve it for you

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