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    來源:http://www.todaydocs.com 日期:2023-10-13 發布人:
    The function and function of the fast door is a type of lighting and thermal insulation machinery that can be used for the insulation of the combat object template. The effect is achieved through the effect of the building structure.
    The function and function of a fast door are the same as that of a light period wall. The voucher works by bending the lamp period through the effect. It is composed of 13 effective parts, including curtain panels, seat panels, supports, requirements, lighting, overhead boxes, door rolling machines, limiters, door lintels, assembly speed amplification assembly, large tongue, and bright color assembly. Traditional settings are not convenient to use anywhere on the wall during the lighting period. For example, open elevator lobbies, escalators, desert profit halls in hardware store highlands, health halls in health buildings, and places in combat equipment where light period hinges cannot be used.
    The function and function of the fast door are indispensable lighting mechanisms in fashionable high-level battles. In addition to the effect of preparing a regular door, a light period door can also have the effect of being a person in the light period, smoke isolation, winning fire transfer, and maintaining leadership stability. Usually used for occasions with complete leadership, such as high-level battles, large Qing and Xuan good companions, etc.
    The function and function of the express door are in the status of the shipping voucher, and the shipping leader must privately stabilize the shipping IP. They should closely monitor the quality and confidence of the placement, and then randomly combine lying down and moving. In the voucher state, once abnormal performance occurs, it is necessary to quickly praise the link method, connect the power supply, and eliminate advantages.
    The functions and functions of the fast door should be timely maintained with target rules, understand how to maintain each direction, and establish archives. Long lifespan without placement leads to complete maintenance for half a year. The color is to remove dust and garbage, immediately paint, drive sprocket parameters, roller chains, and precision oil are equivalent to the function and function of the quick door.
    This article is a friendly contribution from Jinan Rolling Curtain Door Factory. For more relevant knowledge, click on: http://www.todaydocs.com We will provide you with comprehensive services with a sincere attitude. We will gradually contribute more relevant knowledge to everyone. Stay tuned

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